List of 3 Best Free Games from February 2020

Android gaming is getting larger and higher each month it appears and there is always a slew of recent titles coming to Google Play. Whether you’re a casual gamer or you need something diff, there’s usually a recreation popping out to suit each person’s taste. Some months are higher than others, however, there’s generally as a minimum one tremendous new recreation on mobile every month. Here’s the list of Android video games from the month of Feb!

Price: Free to play

Kick-Flight is an exciting and exciting arcade game. It’s totally PvP and on line against real gamers. You fly round an open map and do fight with others. It’s similar to video games like Brawl Stars in terms of natural premise. This one provides a vertical element as well as a horizontal one and it makes the sport experience oddly clean. It has the occasional bug, but so do all new games so we didn’t decide it too harshly.

Might & Magic: Chess Royale
Price: Free

Might & Magic: Chess Royale is a departure from the game’s regular style. This is an auto chess sport and it plays like maximum automobile chess games. You drop right into a one hundred-player struggle royale and the winner is the final player standing. These games have fairly exact method factors and Might & Magic is no exception. Plus, you can accumulate a gaggle of heroes from the long-lasting franchise and games best last a maximum of ten minutes. It’s some distance from ideal, however, it’s an excellent start and a respectable entrant into the growing style.

Lucid Adventure
Price: Free to play

Lucid Adventure is a cellular RPG name and a spin-off of the popular webtoon. You start as a former number one champion who misplaced all of his powers. Players help get better those powers inside the story mode of this recreation. It has the usual array of powerful competencies and playable characters. There is also an internet PvP mode, numerous activities, and the same old cell RPG stuff. It’s a strong typical sport with a amusing story and even the bugs aren’t that terrible.

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